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Welcome to Paradise Organics

About Us

 For over 30+ years we have been practicing Organic gardening for our own family. We began following USDA organic standards for producing organic herbs, vegetables and fruits  when we moved here in 2006. Seeing how commercial practices have evolved, it made us more aware of the need to share the ways we use natural organic care in our gardens, implement water quality thru filtering, restructuring and saving techniques, use only non synthetic pest control and let mother natures Eco system thrive. Due to today's heavy environmental pollution we use microbial inoculants to restore live healthy soil. We have quite a variety of small plantings here on our small farm. We are in the foothills of Northern California at an elevation of 2000 feet. 


What We Offer

Rural Residential Crop Production, or help with setting up your Garden design. Medicine Wheels and Spiritual Gardening.  
On-site production of organic fruit, vegetables, herbs, dried herbs and tea blends. Cottage Food Operations means we can make any non perishables like Potato Breads, Berry Cookies,  and natural Treats like dried fruit. I grew up in our family business of making soap so I'm also making Natural skin products and makeup with Only all Natural Organic Ingredients, that are so natural there edible. 

California Department of Food and Agriculture Organic Registration;

# 04-004329


Our Mission

 At Paradise Organics, our mission is simple: to provide quality produce and services that preserve and protect nature and you. Contact Pamela@Paradise-Organics.com for more information.